How to make a Landscape Scene
an unfinished Tutorial

One word before you continue. This pages will be renewed. There is a lot to do and already a lot done. BUT some links here will not work anymore. For old tutorials go here:

Diese Seiten werden neu erstellt. Es ist noch eine Menge zu tun und schon viel gemacht worden. Einige Links hier funktionieren nicht mehr. Um die alten Tutorials zu lesen gehe bitte zur Hauptseite:

New Homepage


1. Landscapes


Short Start Tutorial

2. Materials


Short Tutorial on Materials

3. Clouds->


New step by step Tutorial

Short cloud Tutorial (old now)

4. SkyShader


no Tutorial jet?
No, not really.
I thing there is
something that might be
helpfull, but still
if you want the pre-set
of this scene you have to
visit Thomas Homepage. By
the way, you may download
the whole scene, he? But
where do I have the dam...

link to
Thomas page....

No one clicks on this picture. Why?

5. Some Animations