How to make a Landscape

Simple Guideline for Landscapes    
As usuall you have more than one choise to do a landscape. Let's explore a little bit the different posibilities we have.

First there is the Landscape Object. Then there is the Relief Object, we have Bump maps, Relief maps, luckily Bodypaint, the magent tool, splines and so on. Let us face the different possibilities. I will seperate it into 4 different categories as you can see below.

1. The Landscape Object

Let's face the the first, the Landscape Object. If you create a landscape object it looks like the following. That's far away from being spectacular but it's fast. And from the editors view it looks pretty good.
The problems appear if you place the camera, right? If the landscape looks pretty well sturctured with the editors view.....
2. The Relief Object

The second possibility is to use the Relief Object. Here it's possible to use texture maps that you might find at some Internet pages or that will be delivered with some other programs like Bryce or you can try to make some by yourself with Terragen. But of course you can do it by you own if you use some sort of paint programs.
3. The plane Object (still don't know if this makes sense)

The third possibility we have is to use a plane object. This might need a little bit more experience because you have to use more or less the right segments. If you "make it editable" you can use the magnet tool and of course you can move single points or groups to get the shape you like.
no Tutorial, because I'm not sure if this was the original idea .
4. The splines

Here you can use splines to "draw" a landscape. Use more single splines and 'connect' them with a loft nurbs. Be aware that you should use the same number of points for each spline, otherwise you'll get ugly results.

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