How to make a Landscape

Simple Guidline for Landscapes    
  4. Splines    
Let's start with the spline. Make a new empty spline object. To place points hold the ctrl key and click in the top view. Try to make a figure like on the right picture. Click on the picture to enlarge. I used a X size of 14.520 units and a Z size of 3.530.
Now do a second spline. You may copy the first spline and move the points.
And do a third spline and move the points again. You do not have to copy the splines on the right exactly. It's more a clue. May be for the first time you try this figure to get familiar with the technique.
Now move your second spline 400 units in +Z direction and third spline 800 units in +Z direction. Use the coordinates manager to do this. Be aware to use the object tool. Your views should be similar to the one on the right.
Now you should make a loft nurb (Objects-> Nurbs-> Loft NURBS) and throw the splines into. Your OM (Object Manager) should look like this.
And your views should look like this. And if you are into it, you could place a camera. Try to get the position shown on the right and activate the camera. (view window-> Camera-> Scene Camera-> Camera). One word on the Loft NURB. Meshes are always critical :). First you have to proof how narrow your Mesh is. The standard is:

Standard:   I used:
Isoparm Sub=10   Isoparm Sub=250
Mesh U Subdiv=30   Mesh U Subdiv=250
Mesh V Subdiv=10   Mesh V Subdiv=250

Why? You will notice that Isoparm Subdivision is nesseccary for your Mesh to stay in shape. With the splines used here a subdivision of 80 should be enough. You can see changes in your Mesh if you change subdivision e.g. to 10. But the main factor for the high parameters is to avoid shadow problems.
Now for your loft nurbs adjust the cap setting. Set 'Start' to 'No Cap' and 'End' to 'CAP'. You might place a light. Use a hard shadow and place the light at X=-16.350, Y=15.200, Z=9.800. Your picture should be similar to the one right.
If you experiment with the modell you might modify it, use more splines etc. For the final picture I used 7 splines for the rocks and changed them slightly. For the ground I copied the first spline I made. I copied it 2 times and change the size with the scale tool (I was too lazy :). You can do the same or draw new splines. Keep in mind to have the same number of points! That's how the modell looks like.
And that's how the OM looks like.
Now one more thing about lightning. Because Meshes are critical with the existing version6-7 of c4d you can use a little trick. I copied the first light and changed the shadow to soft. I also changed the shadowmap to 1000 and I used an area light. You can see the setting on the right. As you might notice I used 300% for the brightness. Well, it sometimes depends on the materials and the effect you like to create, no?
Now, this is how it looks without a material
And this is how it looks with material
Or may be like this one?
Or this?
Or that? Sorry the pictures and materials are not optimized for this scene :)

And if I didn't mention it, of course you can make it editable and go on and change it with the usuall tools as magnet, knife, extrude etc.

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