Some Clouds Tutorial 5


What about some special things to encounter?
This probably works only with V7.x
Well, some things don't seem to be what they are :)
Are you sure you realy looked into Banj? Probably not. So let's encounter some things about it.

You need smooth clouds? Try the following: Set the contrast very high ! You think because of setting the 3D Noise very high and the picture gets rough it has to be the same here? WRONG. The opposite is the case. It's getting smoother ! :)

The picture on the right shows the Contrast parameter, which is pretty high, but produces the soft clouds.

Contrast = 100
With contrast at 50% you'll see, that there is not that much difference to 100%. But look at the next picture.
Contrast = 50
Here you can see the low contrast parameter. You also may notice that the clouds get pretty sharp. It's almost a relief effect and at the edge of the clouds it almost looks like a painting :)
Also notice that the shadow intensity is pretty much low.

Click on the picture to get a higher resolution.

Contrast = 1
Contrast at 101%. As you might see, there is a significant change in the look from 100% contrast to 101% contrast. Don't ask me why, ask David :)
It stays the same with the contrast parameters up to 500% as you can see below.
Notice that if you reduce now the luminace channel brightness you will see more of the clouds structure, but all still bright.

Contrast = 101
This picture shows Contrast at 500%. That's pretty much high and might give you some idea to experiment with other parameters.
Contrast = 500
Same picture as with contrast = 1. Only placed for a better comparison on shadow parameters.
Shadow = 1
This is with 50% shadow. As you can see the difference isn't that much. Also with 100% the clouds became only a little bit darker.
Shadow = 50
With this picture you can see that the shadow is getting slightly darker. Not that much as you might expect because of the difference from 1 to 100, but it also depends on the other luminace settings.
Shadow = 100
If you now choose to have a little smoother clouds let's say 5% contrast, the clouds get a little bit darker.
Shadow = 100
Contrast = 5
Now we come to roughness. All pictures above have been done with 100% roughness. What do you expect to get with 1% roughness? Well you can see it on the right. It's getting sharper and has a lot more contrast :)
Roughness = 1
In this picture a roughness of 50% is used. So "contrast" is reduced.
As far as you could see right now, there is a lot of
potential in it. But be carefull not to mix up all this stuff, because some parameters act only at specific values. If you use 50% on all you might get more or less the same as with picture 1.

Roughness = 50
You've already seen this picture, but I used it here so you have a better comparison.
Roughness = 100
And now to make it complet Roughness at 200%
Roughness = 200
Illumination Oren Nayar  
But wait, there are some parameters left, right?
What about the Illumination? Well, this might react as you would axpect. A lower vlaues gives a darker flatter cloud, almost like picture 1.

Illumination = 100 Oren Nayar
That will be Illumination with Oren Nayar at 50%.
Illumination = 50 Oren Nayar
And this is Illumination with 1%. So you might notice that it's getting more flat.
Illumination = 1 Oren Nayar
As you might know Illumination can be set 1000%. Now we try 250% with Oren Nayar and it's a lot brighter.
Illumination = 250 Oren Nayar
With 500% it's getting even brighter. And I didn't place a pitcure with 1000% because there is almsot no difference, it's even more brighter. But notice that this all depends on your other settings. Also the birghtness of the luminance channel. If you decrease the brightness it might give an aceptable result.
Illumination = 500 Oren Nayar
For that reason I place this picture. Was it too bright with the illumination at 500%. For the Luminacechanel I used 64% for Banj and 19% for 'normal' brightness. Also the Mix was set to normal the 19% brightness influences Banji!
For this picture the brightness was reduced to 0% and Banji was reduced to 20%. Now shadow intensity has more influence. With 1% you get an almost white clouded picture, but with 100%.... see youself.
It's getting pretty hard right now and becasue I used only 7 floorobjects with a large distance between them you can see the planes.

Illumination = 500 Oren Nayar
Illumination Internal  
But now instead of Oren Nayar the internal algorithm.
To compare it with Oren Nayar

Illumination = 1 Internal
And now 50% internal.
Illumination = 50 Internal
This is with 100% internal. It's also getting pretty sharp.
And to compare it better with the other pictures and to show again the difference of the shadow this has 50% shadow with 100% illumination

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