Some Clouds Tutorial 4


Parameters for the 'Dark' Scene avi.
This is the material for the 'dark clouds'. Well actually not the material but the the SLA settings for the 3D-Noise in the Alpha channel. Notice, that in this case the material has no Animation speed. For the animation only the 'material movement' was used.
Other parameters:
Color was a very light blue and 100% brightness.
Luminance: In this case no Banj was used, only bright white color with 100% Brightness!
Transparency at 55%, white and additive activated.
Alpha: Soft, as usuall :) 3D noise
Specular: 62, 76, 0, 16
Object Manager Material Tag x,y,z, size is 1000
(change this settings up to 25.000 and see what happens)

Only one light is used in this scene. You might see it in the distance at the left side, close to the horizon. It's an omni one with hard shadow 300% brighness and no falloff but a visibility with inner and outer radius of 150m.

The used sphere has a radius of 150.000m. And consists of 5 colors :). A lite pink changes into a deep dark blue.

Haze in this case uses a sphere of 150.000. Haze material uses x,y,z of 300.000 - don't ask my why ;). Fog has 15.000 m and a lite pink.

Hope that helps :)
Have fun and always good clouds

HINT: Guess why the "Low Clip" and "High Clip" setting are changed? You can control how compact the clouds should be.

Oh, by the way, you remember the "Desert.avi" file at do you? Exactly the same parameters have been used to create this clouds. With one exception. Instead of Turbulence I used "Wavy Turbulence". That's the only difference here of course.

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